Car Parking, Security etc

Security at the Glebe is first class, the only access is through the padlocked gates. Each member gets a key for the padlock. There is no public access to the site and no public footpaths. Foundation Lake does have a locked gate to prevent unauthorised parking but there is pedestrian access and local residents do tend to walk their dogs around the lake occasionally.

Parking at the Glebe is in the designated car parks dotted around the fishery. Although you can drop your gear off as near to your peg as the road will allow you, you MUST NOT park on the grass. Anglers with mobility problems should talk to Roy (07711-711650) and he’ll do his best to sort out a solution to enable you to get to a peg and fish in comfort and safety.

Parking at Foundation Lake is severely restricted and you can only park in the car park just inside the gate. You can park for a short distance along the dam bank but you must not drive along any other banks.

The Glebe has a brick built toilet block but there are no toilet facilities at Foundation Lake.

There is no bait or tackle shop at either fishery, nor are there any litter bins. Please take all of your litter home. You were able to carry them to your peg when they were full, please now take them home when they are empty and thus much lighter.30