Our Facebook page is updated very frequently. It is used to publish the results of our members matches. Even if you have no interest in competition fishing you will find it a very useful resource. The results list what was caught on each peg, thus showing you what lakes or areas of lakes are fishing best. It’s well worth taking a look at the previous set of results before venturing out for a days fishing.

We publish two printed newsletters each year, one with your renewal form and the other with your membership book for the new season. Every member receives these. If you have given us your email address on the membership form then you will also receive our e-newsletters. These are sent out whenever we have something important to tell you. They will give you the latest news from the fishery, inform you of dates of netting parties or working parties and will have an updated itinerary of what lakes are booked over the coming few weeks.

The notice board just inside the gates of The Glebe  lists all lake bookings for the current week. Please check it before you decide where to fish. We hate having to ask members to move because there’s a match scheduled, equally it’s frustrating to the match anglers to arrive at their peg only to discover that there’s a pleasure angler fishing there.