RULES 2019

Our club rules serve to protect our fish and environment and to ensure the safety of our members and guests. They also make for traditional styles of fishing, which prevents one single style or method dominating our competitions. We don’t ask anything unreasonable of you and expect all visitors to our fishery, whether or not they are members, to abide by these rules. Stroke pullers will not be tolerated and we expect all anglers to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. The club rules are below and are broken down into the categories on the left. Please take time to read through all the rules before you visit us.

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All keepnets, landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings etc MUST be dipped in one of the dip tanks BEFORE and AFTER fishing.

Match Rules:

1. Carp over 2 lbs must be held in separate nets to silver fish and carp under 2 lbs, and they must be weighed in separately i.e. don’t tip your silvers into the weigh net with bigger carp. You will need at least one net for all silver fish regardless of size this also includes small carp below 2 lbs. All carp over 2 lbs to be held in at least one other net. It is however advisable to use at least two carp nets and to spread your fish equally between each. This is kinder to the fish and aids weighing in. The net limit in matches is 60lbs.  Any weight over 60lbs will count as 60lbs.

2. No Barbel of any size to be held in nets. Barbel do not count towards a match weight.

3. When reaching your peg, you must lay out your nets behind you to expose them to as much ultra violet light as possible. This will help to destroy any KHV or other virus present on nets. 15 minutes prior to fishing you may position your nets in the water ready to fish.

4. Only drive on the roads. Max speed 5mph on the Glebe complex. Only park in car park areas, on no account must vehicles be parked on grass verges.


1. No floating baits or subsurface floating baits to be used. No dog biscuit or floating particles.

2. Bread may be used from November to the end of March, but not as a surface bait, there is a size limit for bread hook baits of half an inch or 12mm diameter and thickness.

3. No bloodworm or joker.

4. No nuts.

5. No meat baits of any kind, e.g. tinned meats, sausage, poloni, pepererami etc., this includes pet food. None of these baits to be added to groundbait or paste mixes.

6. Only coarse pellets to be used, absolutely no trout pellet to be used.

7. All hook baits must be put on by hand, the use of compression tubes, cones and similar devices are not permitted.

8. If you decide to leave a match before the final whistle please do not throw your bait into your peg, this may spoil another anglers match. Any unused bait should be thrown in after the final whistle or put into one of the stock ponds.

When Fishing:

1. Hooks must be barbless, no crimped barbs and must be no larger than a regular size 10.

2. No free lining.

3. No bullying or mistreatment of fish.

4. No braided line.

5. No method fishing, including floating methods and feeders, no method, or emstat feeders

6. When feeder or straight lead fishing a tail of at least 20 inches or 50cm must hang below the feeder or lead. No tucking baits or hook lengths into feeders.

7. When pole fishing, there must be no deliberate disturbance to the water, no tapping the water, slapping & swinging rigs over the pole is not permitted, floats must be laid into the water, no cupping of water. Baits must be at least 6 inches or 15cm below the surface. Baits must not be held on the surface to intercept fish.

8. All floats must be of conventional design. No polyballs of any size and no ping pong ball rigs.

9. When waggler fishing, all wagglers must be attached by the base, no controllers, no bubble floats, no candles type floats, no slapping wagglers of the Gemini, Garbolino type. Pellet wagglers are permitted but must not cause excessive disturbance on retrieve, pellet wagglers must be fished as floats and not subsurface.

10. Elastic must be set loose, puller kits/bungs may be used but for safety reasons no handlining i.e. direct pulling of elastic from above the pole end.

11. No litter of any kind to be left around fishing area, clean up or any litter or you will not be weighed in.

12. All unused bait must be taken away or thrown into water, bait on the bank is litter and encourages vermin.

13. No gardening – No trimming, trampling or interfering of any bank-side vegetation.

Pleasure Fishing Rules:

1. Keep nets are only allowed in official matches

2. Bait & tackle rules apply as per match rules, with exception that floating baits and bread may be used as long as it does not interfere with another anglers fishing. Please take extra care when there are water birds in the area.

3. Surface fishing with controllers is allowed.

4. Take ALL litter home, we have no litter bins. YOU are responsible for any litter within the area of your peg take it home even if it is not yours.

5. Strictly no fish to be taken away or introduced to any of our water.

6. Strictly no fish to be transferred between lakes or eco ponds.

7. You can only fish from permanent fishing pegs.

8. On no account can pegs be reserved for anyone.

9. No shouting, abusive or foul language or threatening behaviour.

10. No Radios, earpieces are permitted for personal entertainment.

11. Always lock all gates behind you.

12. Membership is non-transferable.

13. Juniors must always be accompanied by an adult.

14. Vehicle permits must be displayed, and membership cards and guest tickets must be carried at all times. Any member can request to see another angler’s membership on request, requesting member must also prove membership.

15. No trimming, trampling or interfering of any bank-side vegetation.

Further Rules Applicable to The Glebe:

1. No night fishing, fishing is dawn until dusk.

2. No Dogs allowed.

3. Only drive on the roads, 5 mph max. Do not drive on any grass verges. Only park in the parking areas.