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Sorry about the delay, we have just updated the Glebe Members league standings & Mr Ward has now moved from 248 to 247 in the league sandwiched between Amber the dog & the hens in Roy’s pen. So today we had 24 members attending the latest match so we spread out & had 6 sections of 4 anglers. Steve Marshall (pictured from much sunnier times) made no mistakes from peg 86 on lake 6 putting together 91lb 12oz all on the bomb & bread. Second today was Mick Lees who weighed 78lb 14oz from peg 100 on lake 7 again on bomb & bread. Here are today’s weigh sheets. Well done to Toni Rowlands winning lake 8 from peg 115 with 46lb 8oz. Mr Ward will be running another members match next Sunday, 27th January 2019, all members welcome to join us just make sure you are paid on in the marquee by 8:45hrs.

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Additional update following today’s members match. This is hot off the press from Roy Marlow & it’s feedback following today’s members match about Dippy Ward who Roy defends every week but as you can see from the email received just now, Roy is no longer able to defend his good mate :- “I don’t normally criticise Dippy Ward but today I will have to make an exception. My mate Dippy drew what is the most consistent peg on Pool 8. I went to advise him twice but my words were lost. As you know I never slag him over his pathetic performances but today I have to tell how bad his angling ability was. I told him it was the winning peg before the draw because it has been the best peg on the lake for several weeks and yesterday one of our older members (not quite as old as Dippy he was 72 ) fished it and caught 22 carp. The book of excuses came out half way through the match and catching the dividing rope and dragging it in with his “light” hook length certainly didn’t help. Then there..

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Photos from The Glebe and Mallory Park Fisheries's post

Good Evening Everyone, Today we had 24 members attend the lat st members match that was fished in very blustery conditions. Helping Mr Ward today was the in form Barry “The Bomber” Cocks. So thanks Barry for helping Mr Ward today. Russ Gunbie (pictured) was today’s match winner from peg 67 on lake 4 catching on both bomb & bread and the long pole on pellet. With a superb 114lb 12oz. Not far behind was Rich Wells from peg 85 on lake 5 catching most of his fish down his right margin to weigh 112lb 6oz. With a Baz The Bomber Cocks Third today with 107lb 14oz from peg 86 on lake 6. In fact looking at the weigh sheets (attached) the lakes that had been exposed to the wind fish really well considering we are nearly half way through January already. Mr Ward looks forward to seeing as many members who wish to join us a week today, Sunday 20th January.

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