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Dear Members and Global Fan Club Members, The Committee has to tell you that our Hero Dippy has let everyone down last weekend and today. Three matches in a row and everyone a total disaster. A match winning peg on every match and an almost last in section every day. However taking a step back we can now announce that yet another new book is in the pipeline. We have had E-mails from Steven Spielberg who is after the filming rights. Everyone has heard of best selling books like “The Famous Five” and “The Secret Seven” The new book will be aptly named “The Fishing Adventures of Dippy” although the word fishing might be taken out. Saturday in the Summer League produced an abysmal performance from our Hero with a last but on in his section. On Sunday he drew Saturdays winning peg and came last in his section. Today in the Julie Abbott fund raising event he blew it again blaming this time “snatcher trees” for another woeful performance. Just like my son Nick said “with 76..

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Photos from The Glebe and Mallory Park Fisheries's post

We had 39 members attend today’s summer league. Your internet sensation Mr Ward was in attendance today. He was in charge of organising today’s match & he asked us to specifically thank Rob Henrick for collecting the money’s & also Mark Young for assisting with today’s draw. As for Mr Ward, well no surprises, he drew yet another rocket ship. This time the best feeder peg in Europe. That’s right peg 22 on lake 1. You can read the results sheets attached to see how he did. On a positive note, at least he weighed in today ! Dom Lanni (pictured) was today’s match winner from peg 24 on lake 1 with an impressive 206lb 15oz catching most of these down his margins. Well done Dom. Second today was James Adcock who caught 183lb 15oz from peg 100 on lake 7 catching shallow on pellets then down his margins also on pellets. Third today was Andy Boffin who weighed 178lb 1oz from peg 30 catching initially on bomb & pellet before switching to his margins. Here are today’s weigh sheets. Thanks to everyone..

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Good Morning All, On Monday we have the England Ladies fundraising event at The Glebe & the Breakfast Wagon will be available for everyone this Monday. Also Mr Dippy (pictured) will be in attendance and The Committee has kindly requested that he isn’t abused. On a positive note there is another new Dippy Book in the pipeline. Not sure of the title yet but it will be based around the Adventures of Dippy Ward and his 76 years experience in match fishing. My Son Nick who is a regular reader of the adventures said…. “One would have thought having fished for 76 years you would have learnt at least something from every match, adding all the information together is appears that Dippy hasn’t yet learnt enough to be even useless.” Now thats a tiny bit hurtful, Regards, Roy

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