Let Me Show You Around

This selection of photos of The Glebe Complex will hopefully give you some idea of what we offer.

Glebe Fishery
Let’s start with an aerial shot of the entire complex
Glebe Fishery
This is Pool 1. The numbers are the peg numbers used in matches (They’re also useful for recording your catches in your fishing diary)
Glebe Pool 2 & 3 Pegs
Pool 2 (Pretties) is on the left, Pool 3 (Uglies) is on the right
Glebe Pool 4 & 5 Pegs
Pool 4 is on the right, Pool 5 on the left and Pool 8 is in the top right hand corner
Glebe Pool 6 & 7 Pegs
Pool 6 is on the right, Pool 7 on the left

Okay, that’s the boring bit, now we’ll take a look at the place in more detail and hopefully you’ll begin to appreciate what makes this place one of the most popular fisheries in the country.

Glebe - Pool 1
This first shot was taken from Roy’s garden, looking across the fishery. Pool 1 is the first of the fishing lakes. It is also the biggest, offering 30 pegs of single bank fishing.
Glebe - Peg 1
The start of Pool 1, Peg 1 is opposite. It’s a great summer peg, the fish might not be the biggest in the lake but there’s lots of them.
Glebe Pegs 4-5
The pegs on all of the Glebe lakes are nicely spread out and there’s often a bush or tree between you and the next angler, meaning that you can’t actually see him…but you’ll hear the splashing if he’s catching a few!. This shot is taken from opposite pegs 4 & 5
Glebe Pool 1 Peg 24
We’ve wandered a little further down Pool 1 now and we’re sitting on peg 24 admiring the view
Glebe Little Bridge
This little bridge behind peg 28 connects Pool 1 with Pool 2 and the car park
Glebe Pool 2
Pool 2 (Pretties) holds the largest selection of species of any of the Glebe lakes. With carp, crucian carp, brown goldfish, perch, roach, rudd, gudgeon and chub you’ll have absolutely no idea what’s going to bite next. This pool is hardly ever used on matches, it’s mostly just available to members.
Pretty Fish Lake - Glebe
This shot was taken from the bridge that connects the car park at the far end of Pool 2 with the far and of Pool 1
Sue's Garden
Roy’s wife, Sue sadly passed away in August 2015. She was the landscape architect for the project i.e. she told Roy where to dig the holes to plant the hundreds of trees dotted around the fishery!.
This little garden at the end of Pool 2 was one of her favourite spots and now it’s “Sue’s Garden”
Pool 3 (Uglies)
Pool 3 (Uglies) holds mostly carp averaging around 10 lbs. Just like Pool 2, this lake is only match fished about 5 times a year, all the rest of the time it’s available for our members
Glebe Pool 3 (Uglies)
It might be called Uglies but most of the fish in Pool 3 are in pristine condition like this beauty
Glebe Pool 4 - 19 lb carp
To be honest, Pools 4,5,6 & 7 are pretty similar. Reed lined banks of single bank fishing. They are very popular with small clubs, with Pools 4 & 5 having 10 pegs in each lake whereas Pools 6 & 7 have 12 pegs in each. This particular picture is of our most famous fish, a 19 lb mirror carp that lives in Pool 4. We think that she’s star struck, she certainly likes having her picture taken.
Gleve Pool 4
This is Pool 4, the end peg number 75, known as Ivan’s Bench. There is a memorial bench behind the peg dedicated to the most famous match angler of all time, the one and only Ivan Marks. On the bench is a brass plaque inscribed “I was just an ordinary bloke who could fish a bit”…and he certainly could
Glebe Pool 4 on a Very Windy Day
Although we can pretty much guarantee you a great day’s fishing at The Glebe, we can’t control the weather. This is Pool 4 on a slightly “blustery” day.
Glebe Pool 5
This is Pool 5
Glebe Pool 6
This is Pool 6. The first peg on the lake is peg 86, affectionately known as the “little girl’s peg”. It earned that name when somebody decided that even a little girl could catch 100 lbs from here. Woe betide any match angler that draws this spot and doesn’t “break the ton”, his fellow anglers will suggest that he either puts his fishing tackle on eBay or burns it!.
Glebe Pool 7
Pool 7 is very similar to Pool 6. The first peg (Peg 98) has won many big matches.
Glebe Pool 8
Tucked away from the main match lakes, Pool 8 is reserved for our members. It’s a rectangular pool with 10 pegs on it and it is often used as a growing on pool for tiny carp. However, if you fish a bait that the tiddlers can’t get in their mouth then there are some superb fish to be caught. Glebe regular Jason Weston often fishes this lake and he’s caught some real whoppers as you’ll see below
Glebe Pool 8 Ghost Carp
A Pool 8 ghost carp weighing 21 lbs 5 ozs.
Glebe Pool 8 Mirror Carp
This mirror carp weighed exactly 20 lbs.
Glebe Pool 8 Common Carp
And this superb common carp tipped the scales at 22 lbs 4 ozs.
Glebe Nature Pond
Hidden behind Peg 30 on Pool 1 you’ll find a little stock pond full of very pretty koi carp. I’m afraid that you’re not allowed to fish for them but if you’ve any bait left over after your day’s fishing then you are more than welcome to feed our pets.
Glebe - Giant Rhubarb
Finally, a few pictures that say so much about The Glebe fishery
Sometimes known as Giant Rhubarb or prickly rhubarb, this Brazilian native (Gunnera) can be found in a number of spots around the lakes.
Glebe Thistle
I’ve no idea what kind of thistle this is, I only know that it’s very big and quite pretty.
Glebe Fishery Water Vole
The water vole is the UK’s most endangered mammal but luckily we have a few. They are very tame and like nothing more than a grain or two of sweetcorn. You’ll see them swimming along the edge of the lake and if you stay quiet they’ll often wander up to see what’s in your bait box. Please don’t whack ’em, they are nothing like rats which have much thicker tails
Sunset at the Glebe
And finally, how about a glorious sunset over the fishery
Winter at The Glebe
and a winter scene worthy of any Christmas card