Fishery Maintenance, Netting etc

As you can imagine, it’s a huge task keeping a complex such as The Glebe in tip-top condition. Most of the maintenance around the fishery such as mending fishing platforms, pruning trees etc is done during the winter months. We are always looking for help with these tasks and everyone is welcome to come along and lend a hand, even if it’s just for an hour or two. We try to publish details of any major work that needs helpers in the newsletters but you can always give Roy a call to see if there’s anything planned.

Each of our lakes is netted on a rotating three year basis. During these netting operations we try to remove as many of the small silver fish as possible.

Millions of small roach and bream can eat an enormous amount of food and produce an enormous amount of poo. We’d rather that food be eaten by the larger fish. We never remove any decent sized bream or roach, and never remove any carp.

If we didn’t do this thinning out the fish would be overcrowded and become stunted.

Again, we publish dates for the netting days and we’re always very grateful to anyone who comes along to lend a hand, Pulling a 100 yard long net full of fish is not an easy job and many hands make light work. If you can’t / don’t want to get involved you are still welcome to come along and watch, it’s fascinating to see what the nets catch…and how many fish they miss!.